Electric BBQ for Bundaleer – your chance to be part of history

If you have strong connections with Bundaleer, you may be interested in a new project the community is planning for Bundaleer Picnic Ground
It is an Electric BBQ Shelter (like at Memorial Park in Jamestown).
It will be located near the nature playground and existing picnic table shelters.

The Malone family has come up with the idea of making it a Bundaleer Community BBQ funded by and recognising people and families who live or work at Bundaleer now

or have done so in the past, or have connections through sport or social events or schooling there. Or the plaque may be a memorial to your forebears.

We have fully costed the project, including underground power cabling and all materials and labour at $25,000.

We are hoping to raise this amount by offering people who have a little piece of Bundaleer in their hearts the opportunity to purchase a plaque which will be on display near the BBQ Shelter.

Each plaque will comprise a heading with each contributor’s name plus some wording of their choice about their connection.

We are excited to get this project happening as soon as possible so people can use the BBQ this winter and spring.


Small plaques
12 cm wide by 6 cm deep: $200

Medium plaques
12 cm x 12 cm $500

Large plaques
12 cm wide x 24 cm deep $1000

Family groups are very welcome to order a combined plaque of any size.

Examples of plaque sizes:

SMALL SIZE = 10 words $200


Elaine & Jack Flower

Proud Sponsors of the Bundaleer Easter Bilby Hunt 2000 to 2014

MEDIUM SIZE = 20 words $500


James and Wanda Wehrmann

The original Wehrmann family established their home and orchards in the Bundaleer Forrest in 1881 as market gardeners.

Nowadays we are commercial apiarists, continuing to use Bundaleer for its honey sources and as a safe haven to breed queens.

LARGE SIZE = 40 words $1000


In Memory of




who settled on their North Bundaleer Estate Block

in August 1912

and became extensively involved with their children


in many Bundaleer activities


Bundaleer North School, Tennis, Cricket, Agriculture Bureau, Literary and Social Society

a tribute from Leith and Averil Cooper and their descendants

David, Tom, Evan and Tara

and their families


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