BFF - Bundaleer Forest Friend
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As a Bundaleer Forest Friend, you are part of a community of custodians protecting and enhancing Bundaleer Forest, so it can remain freely open for every person to enjoy.

Your annual contribution will help fund all those things that are necessary to maintain a public space – insurances, environmental works, contractors and compliance.

Yes, Bundaleer Forest is truly The People’s Forest – funded by the people for the people.

As a Bundaleer Forest Friend, you can help Bundaleer Forest thrive!

Your chosen contribution will be deducted from your chosen card automatically each year. If at any point you wish to end your Friendship, please email us at mybundaleer@gmail.com


Your friendship is on your terms – you can be involved as little or as much as you like.  And there are no meetings to attend (yay!!!)

Your friendship and financial contribution will enable local volunteer managers of Bundaleer Forest to continue enhancing the environment of Australia’s first plantation forest.

And, of course, continue providing opportunities for nature play, culture days and celebration events together.If you have subscribed as an Annual BFF and no longer want to participate, please email mybundaleer@gmail.com with your Full Name, and we will remove you from our subscription list. Please allow 7 days’ notice. No refund will be issued for any Bundaleer Forest Community Areas Association Incorporated subscription after payment has been successfully transacted.

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